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T.A.B. is an interactive fiction/text adventure program for Windows and made with thinBasic.
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 TAB Alpha Version 34 Available

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PostSubject: TAB Alpha Version 34 Available   Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:22 pm


02 Jul 2008 (Release 34)
*FIX. Number of turns taken was not being updated in TAB Player Statusbar after a timeout occurrence.

*IMPROVED. Viewer button moved to "Game Settings Editor". Menus added. Text shown is now editable.

*FIX. Load/Save Response, Script1 and Script2 buttons now functioning correctly.

*NEW. "Save Transcript" option added to [Adventure] Menu on Player(s).

Saves a transcript of game played so far in the TAB Player as plain text. Can be viewed/edited in a text editor or word processor eg: Notepad, Wordpad.

*IMPROVED. Text formatting can now be applied to individual letters of a word.

For example the word "we" ; letter "w" using bold and italic and the letter "e" using underline only.
Previously not possible. Also, any other words inside square brackets eg. [myword] typed by the game author inside texts are not now deleted by the text formatter when a string of text is output to adventure Player - which is correct.
(They were previously wrongly recognised as invalid UBB codes and removed from the text)

*NEW. %psyn% text formatting code substitutes preposition synonym typed by player into message text instead of preposition keyword. (suggested by Jason Nicholls)

*NEW. 2 Text formatting codes:
%n1syn% - prints ordinary, object or character n1 SYNONYM or keyword if typed by player
%n2syn% - prints ordinary, object or character n2 SYNONYM or keyword if typed by player

*FIX. When quitting Player (Editor version) an input prompt for game password will now appear if the data held in the Editor is password protected. Full access to Editor buttons will only be given for the correct password (similar to loading a passworded game into Editor).

Download from

or use TAB Online updater,



_________________ ; Home of the TAB I.F. project.
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TAB Alpha Version 34 Available

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