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T.A.B. is an interactive fiction/text adventure program for Windows and made with thinBasic.
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 TAB Alpha Version 33 Available

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PostSubject: TAB Alpha Version 33 Available   Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:37 pm

Special Announcement:

25 Jun 2008 (Release 33)
*NEW "View" button added to Location, Message, Sysmessage, Object and Character Editors.
Displays window with readonly scrollable list of data entries and info.
You can highlight text or select all, cut, copy and paste using CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+C and CTRL+V respectively.
Handy for copying lists to text editor for printing or saving as a text file etc..

*ADDED "Search" button to Object and Character Editors
All textual fields on these Editors are included in the search operation.
Search is case insensitive.

*AMENDED. "and" added to exit listing. "Exits lead: north, south, west."
Now prints as "Exits lead: north, south and west.", eg. "Exits lead: southwest and in."

*FIX. Two important bugfixes relating to %anyn1% and %anyn2% causing TAB to crash.
(reported by Jason Nicholls)

*IMPROVED. Location texts can now be cyclic **provided corresponding message number
in the message editor does not contain cyclic tags** and vice versa.


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TAB Alpha Version 33 Available

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