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T.A.B. is an interactive fiction/text adventure program for Windows and made with thinBasic.
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 TAB Alpha Version 63 Available

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PostSubject: TAB Alpha Version 63 Available   Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:40 pm

Fixed Update Version ready:

02 Aug 2012 (Release 63)
*FIX. The "sizeX=Y" and "sizeX<Y" conditions were not working properly. (Thanks to acko)

*NEW. "lookonobj" action is in place to handle listing objects which lie or stand ON a surface object.
To set an object's position to ON top of another object surface eg: a table simply send the object to the receiving objects number + 1000. For instance if a table was Object number 6 then the location 1006 would be the surface container for the table. (Thanks to Gareth)

*NEW. System Message 47 (previously unused) is now set to read "On the " for use with surface object listing action "lookonobj"

*NEW "showcontents" and "showinv" actions for object listing and character listing respectively.
These only work providing the "objlistoff" and "charlistoff" actions have not been used anywhere in the database.

These will show the contents of a container object (providing it is OPEN) and/or the carried and worn inventories of any Characters present in the room when the room is described or arrived at by a movement direction and the objects and characters are initially listed...

Example Location
This room is very small and cramped.
Exits lead: north, south and west.
Visible objects are:
a box.
In the box is:
a penknife. (looks like a small dagger)
a key.
Joseph the friendly farmer is here.
Joseph the farmer owns:
a brass lamp.
He is wearing:
a hat.
Bill the policeman is here.
Roger your canine companion sits near you.
Robbie the robot patrols the area.

Whizzo the wizard arrives.

(Thanks to acko for this alternative listing suggestion)


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TAB Alpha Version 63 Available

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